Guided Waters

I guide a variety of lakes that offer a different experience with each one. Some lakes are known for there larger size fish and afford a chance to catch a trophy. And others are known for numbers, catching generally smaller fish but a good amount of them. Below is a description of each lake guided and a look into its fishery.

Beulah Lake

Beulah lake is located off Hwy ES in the city of East Troy. This lake is loaded with fish! Big numbers of large mouth ranging from 13 to 15 inches will be the average. Although don’t be surprised if you hook into a real monster, a few giants are caught every year. There is no perfect time of year on this lake. Spring to fall it produces a good bite. This is a good lake for the beginner angler who wants to catch a bunch of fish and learn some new techniques. The lake is long and spread out and has allot of variety in structure. Techniques used on this lake are endless.

Tichigan Lake

Tichigan is a series of small lakes overflowing from the Fox River as it flows from Big Bend to Waterford. Being a river its a shallow fishery with a range of structure. Numbers of large mouth are great with a good average size fish. While mostly being a power fishery you can use a range of techniques to catch fish on this lake. A good time to fish ranges from opening day to ice on so there are always opportunities here.

Nagawicka Lake

Nagawicka lake is located in the heart of lake country just off Hwy 83 in Delafield. It has a good mix of large mouth and small mouth with a good average size. The lake has many shallow bays with steep drops and deep structure. The best times to fish this lake is early spring, pre or post spawn and fall (October). This lake is one of my personal favorites flipping from large mouth to small mouth with just a turn of the boat.

Pewaukee Lake

Pewaukee Lake is located on the east side of Hwy 83 running parallel with interstate 94 in the city of Pewaukee. This lake is a true trophy bass lake. With a mix of small mouth and large mouth it is tailored for a more advanced fisherman. You won’t get as many bites on this lake but when you do its generally a big one! Peak time to hit this lake is from June through July and some of August.

Pine Lake

Pine lake is located in Hartland just above lake Nagawicka on the west side of Hwy 83. Pine is a deep clear lake with a lot of rock structure and some big fish. The average size out here runs small but it has more than a few giant small mouth! The earlier the better with this lake. Right around the spawn or post spawn is the best. Light Spinning tackle to combat the clear water can make for some good action and allot of fun.

Big Muskego Lake

Big Muskego lake is located just off of Hwy 43 in the Town of Muskego. This lake is a truely great fishery producing both numbers and size all year long. The question every year is water level, and the water level dictates how good or bad the fishing is. Its a shallow marshy lake with many channels lined with cat tails. Topwater and shallow running weedless baits produce some good fast action on this lake.